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Top 10 AgTech Solution Companies in APAC - 2021

It is quite evident that modern-day farming and agriculture are no more a reminder of the laborious sweat-intensive field-work that it used to be for farmers. With the advancement of agricultural technology trends in and around APAC, the past decade has witnessed a thriving hike in agricultural yields with excellent examples of contemporary farming practices.

Today, farmers and agronomists worldwide are adopting a wide range of technologies to improve their farming efficiencies and gain better yields. Some of the most advanced farming tools and technologies that are rapidly making inroads into the agricultural sector are crop monitoring drones, livestock measuring sensors, farm management software, and driverless tractors, among many others.

Concurrently, groundbreaking technologies like IoT in intelligent farming are also gaining relevance in a world where agriculture is increasingly aided with various sensors implanted in the farm. The widespread use of IoT is helping agronomists and farmers in collecting field data with autonomous vehicles, wearables, button cameras, or robotics. Alongside, farmers are also deploying GIS technology to analyze complex spatial data like rainfall amount, topography, soil elevation, slope aspect, and a myriad of other factors to conduct crop health assessments, focus on erosion remediation and accordingly chalk out efficient drainage elevation models.

Staying abreast of all the latest technological trends, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, along with the Applied Technology Review’s editorial team, has closely scrutinized and nominated the solution providers that are set to revamp the agricultural production by great lengths, providing growers, agronomists and agri-entrepreneurs a fresh perspective on agricultural yield in the days to come.

We present to you Applied Technology Review’s “Top 10 Ag-Tech Solution Providers in APAC – 2021.”

    Top AgTech Solution Companies in APAC

  • AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural equipment

  • Varuna is a data-driven Agri-Tech solution provider using Geo-Informatics, Machine Learning and UAV technology

  • Ezfarm closely connects agricultural value chains by applying state-of-the-art technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to agricultural production, distribution, and consumption. By using blockchain, Ezfarm provides a new agricultural supply chain ecosystem. With this, producers, distributors, settlement businesses, and consumers can exercise non-counterfeiting data sovereignty. Even the agri-food flyers are connected and added step-by-step to create a transparent and reliable value chain

  • We empower farmers with independent education, training, mentoring and consultancy opportunities to learn and implement extremely profitable, scalable and proven regenerative methodologies. We provide the practical keys to build soil carbon, increase soil health, improve microbial diversity, reduce input costs and increase profits

  • An AgTech solution provider that offers various automated fertigation systems to empower farmers in always maintaining root tip temperature and increase yield. Borne out of a technology incubator conducted by the Israeli Chief Scientist Office, Roots has built multiple products targeting a global agricultural audience and has various collaboration agreements with many top agro-companies in Israel as well as Europe and Asia. The AgTech firm is backed by a highly experienced team of directors, managers, and scientific advisory board members and works alongside regulatory officers to ensure best practices in both the chemical and biological sectors

  • Calix


    Innovative communications service providers rely on Calix platforms to help them master and monetize the complex infrastructure between their subscribers and the cloud. Calix is the leading global provider of the cloud and software platforms, systems, and services required to deliver the unified access network and smart premises of tomorrow. Its platforms and services help customers build next generation networks by embracing a DevOps operating model, optimize the subscriber experience by leveraging big data analytics, and turn the complexity of the smart home and business into new revenue streams

  • DataFarming (Australia)

    DataFarming (Australia)

    DataFarming is a precision agriculture company based in Toowoomba, Queensland who deliver leading digital solutions for customers around the world. The company aim is to unlock the potential of precision agriculture products and farm data by putting easy to use solutions into the hands of every agronomist and producer. Established in 2017, DataFarming is owned and operated by leading Australian precision agriculture specialists, Tim and Peta Neale, who have been consultants for 20 years. Led by Tim and Peta, the team includes talented developers, technologists and consultants, who all drive the company mission to deliver precision agriculture products that are simple, automated, affordable and provide actionable on-ground solutions

  • Digital Agriculture Services (DAS)

    Digital Agriculture Services (DAS)

    Digital Agriculture Services is a rural technology company based in Melbourne. The company was established in partnership with CSIRO, Australia’s national science and research agency, in 2017, with a mission to deliver reliable rural intelligence. The company is applying machine learning and AI to develop rural data-powered solutions that transform the way rural assets are assessed, valued and monitored

  • Ginza Farm

    Ginza Farm

    As a platformer in smart agriculture, Ginza Farm solves various problems facing the region through the development of service robots "FARBOT" and drones "SKYBOT" (scheduled to be sold), which are edge devices, and interfaces for data/image sensing

  • StevTech


    StevTech facilitates data collection and crop analysis. Stevtech was founded in 2016 by Tristan Steventon, a former Australian Army Officer of 20 years military service. Having worked with the most high tech drones and sensors available on the planet he understands their true utility is in their ability to enhance timely and accurate decision making

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