RegenAG: Advocating Regenerative Agriculture and Biofertilizers for Improved Soil Health

Kym Kruse, Co-Founder & CEO, RegenAGKym Kruse, Co-Founder & CEO
With the world’s population soon to reach eight billion, sustainability has become the primary impetus driving the agricultural sector. As a result, farmers and other agricultural organizations have sought a multitude of ‘best practices’ to enhance the performance of the crops with the hopes of a high yield. However, methods such as using herbicides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals have been proven detrimental to both the soil and consumers’ health. Recognizing this harmful trend, many have turned to regenerative agriculture and biofertilizers due to their ability to improve production, restore soil quality and ensure the health of the ecosystem. However, a knowledgeable partner that can consult and assist farmers in introducing such a beneficial, albeit new concept to their practices optimally is a pressing necessity. RegenAG—a family based enterprise—is reminiscent of such a partner that actively empowers farmers with the knowledge and techniques to understand soil, product ingredients, and other agricultural processes. “By providing education on regenerative agriculture through training and consulting while developing on-farm manufactured quality liquid fertilizers for farms of all scales and crop types, we empower our customers to make educated decisions for their crops,” says Kym Kruse, the Co-Founder and CEO of the company.

RegenAG’s training and consultancy for developing affordable farm-specific products for crops is one-of-a-kind. As no two farms are identical, the company tailors its approach depending on the chemical, physical, and biological status of the farm’s soil. It also utilises in-crop sap testing from one of the world’s leading laboratories to determine any nutritional deficiencies. With such information at hand, both the company and customer work in tandem to devise methods for improving crop yield and soil quality.

RegenAG has established itself as a specialist of regenerative agriculture and the company became a mainstay in the agriculture sector soon after it transitioned into a provider of on-farm production systems to manufacture superior liquid fertilizers. The systems were of commercial scale, and they enabled the customers to drastically reduce input costs. They also reduced the utilization of destructive chemical fertilizers that were impacting soil health and plant nutrition.
Georgie Kruse, Co-Founder & CFO
The company has now partnered with Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund (TAIF) to launch ‘RegenAGE’, a retail outlet that will provide a range of customized liquid products containing beneficial substances such as microbial hormones, vitamins, bio-available minerals and so forth. TAIF itself has been a longtime client of the company, and its food production assets have obtained tremendous benefits by utilizing RegenAG’s products.

By providing education on regenerative agriculture through training and consulting while developing on-farm manufactured quality liquid fertilizers for farms of all scales and crop types, we empower our customers to make educated decisions for their crops

RegenAG’s range of products were not previously commercially available. However, through the formation of RegenAGE farmers will now be able to access them to economically improve their soil health and crop quality. Their decentralized model of bringing locally developed tailored solutions to the immediate vicinity offarmers will significantly revolutionize and transform the agricultural industry. RegenAG’s strong educational focus will remain with farmers procuring products from RegenAGE still receiving in-depth education on how the liquid fertilizers are developed and what they offer their farming systems. This all-inclusive approach of providing both the education on how to improve the productivity of the crops and the substances required for the same is thoroughly utilized by the company in a bid to infuse much-needed empowerment into the sector.

Improvement in a client’s Table Grape operation highlights RegenAG’s prowess in providing fruitful fertilizer programs. To enhance the microbial activity of the soil, its targeted program introduced beneficial living organisms and nutrition for soil fungi and bacteria to thrive. With biologically available minerals in the soil and an active soil biology, crops were easily able to access required nutrition. This led to increased flavour, shelf life, colour, mineral density and crop weight, resulting in a strong market push and growth of reputation in the marketplace—a rarity considering the challenges that arose in recent times.

At the same time, RegenAG brought about a 9.8 per cent increase in weight and density in their client’s stone fruit operation by enhancing the interaction of organic matter, microbes and minerals in the soil. This improved interaction between the elements of the soil led to biological harmony and balance enabling a significant reduction in the use of potentially harmful chemical substances and improved crop immunity against pests and diseases. Moreover, there was a marked improvement in infiltration rates and the water holding capacity of the soil.

Without resting on such successes, RegenAG is already looking for new opportunities and technologies that it can leverage to improve the agricultural sector. The company has partnered with The Australian Genome Research Facility to provide farmers with the opportunity to measure their soil’s microbial health using qPCR DNA analysis technology. The technology is one of the most accurate methods for identifying the quantity of beneficial organisms that will allow farmers to target the growth of specific bacteria or fungi to improve their overall soil health and fertility. Thus, with these initiatives in the pipeline, RegenAG is on track to becoming a flag bearer of a solutions provider that can solve all the agricultural challenges that a farmer could face, both in the present and future.
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Kym Kruse, Co-Founder & CEO and Georgie Kruse, Co-Founder & CFO

We empower farmers with independent education, training, mentoring and consultancy opportunities to learn and implement extremely profitable, scalable and proven regenerative methodologies. We provide the practical keys to build soil carbon, increase soil health, improve microbial diversity, reduce input costs and increase profits

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